What you can expect from your workplace

  • Receive training and learn new skills
  • Work in a safe environment that follows employment standards and has established policies and procedures related to harassment, discrimination, duty to accommodate, etc.
  • Receive feedback on performance including constructive criticism
  • Complete meaningful tasks and contribute to the team
  • Develop future opportunities and network

What your supervisor and colleagues expect from you

  • Open to learning, making use of available resources (e.g. guides, past examples, online tutorials)
  • Friendly, a team player and willing to help others
  • Good attendance and punctuality
  • Follow instructions, listen effectively and ask questions
  • Check work for accuracy, demonstrate good communication skills and meet deadlines
  • Business communication

Tips to help you meet expectations

  • Take a note pad with you to all meetings
  • Arrange a dependable means of transportation
  • Ask questions
  • Listen & learn from colleagues
  • Maintain appropriate grooming and dress code standards
  • Read information carefully and make notes

A Typical Day at Work

Start: Arrive 10-15 minutes early every day so you are logged into your computer at your desk BEFORE your start time

Break: 15 minute break in the morning

Lunch: Unpaid lunch break (1/2 hour or hour)

Break: 15 minute break in the afternoon

End: Log out of your computer AFTER your shift is over

Breaks/Lunch should not be combined or adjusted for you to leave early (unless discussed previously with your supervisor)

Make sure you ask your supervisor about the sick/absence policy on your first day.