Advice From Supervisors & Interns

Advice from Internship Supervisors

  • Always ask questions, don't be shy. Don't be afraid to raise issues.
  • Success starts with taking initiative and having confidence. However, don’t try to go in and change processes; don’t assume you’re there to fix things. You are there to learn, take initiative in terms of learning more tasks, processes, company information, etc.
  • You have to assert yourself. Your emotional intelligence is as important as your technical abilities. You need to be able to interact and work as part of a team and communicate effectively
  • Listen quietly until the person is through with explaining the task and then ask questions until you understand what you're doing

Advice from Past Interns

  • Ask questions and take initiative to learn things independently.
  • Read a lot; spend a lot of time reading and helping people. Communication is important.
  • Make sure you know what is required of you and clarify expectations at the beginning. Learn how you can stand out.
  • Make sure you work hard and be prepared to work a lot. Put yourself out there.
  • Come in with the attitude that you are to be learning, have an open-mind and take criticism well. Take advice from co-workers and complete projects on the level they are expecting.
  • Don’t be shy, communicate with the team, and get involved in as many projects as possible
  • Keep working hard. Managers are always looking at you. Don't be late or leave early. Work hard, people notice.
  • The first month of the work term is hard, it gets easier once you adapt to the routine/fast pace.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's okay to learn from them.
  • Before starting internship, research/read materials for an easier transition. Read the job description and what it entails, it’s good to know details about software you're using, where the product is from and how it works.