Internship Requirements

The Internship Program works with employers to oversee the performance and development of each student on an internship through this process:

Must be completed once per internship (for each job you have with a new employer)

Must be completed for every work term (for each 4-month academic term that you are on internship)

Requirement Due Date WINTER 2019 Deadlines
Enrollment in the Internship Work Term Course ($475 non-refundable fee per term) Every work term. Enrollment occurs automatically within the first month of each work term. Automatic Upon Internship Acceptance
Terms & Conditions Agreement Once per internship. As soon as an internship job offer is accepted. Upon Internship Acceptance
Work Term Details Every work term. Within the first two weeks of each work term. Update details at any time if there are changes in your contact info or your supervisor's. January 18, 2019 & as needed
Learning Agreement


First Term Call


Last Term Call


Once per internship. Fourth week of your first term with an employer.


Once per internship. Six to eight weeks into your first term with an employer.


Once per internship. Last month of the final work term in your internship.

February 8, 2019


February 11 – February 22, 2019


April 1 - April 12, 2019

Work Term Report

Supervisor Evaluation

Every work term. At the end of each work term.

Every work term. At the end of each work term.

April 26, 2019

April 26, 2019

Receiving a Grade

Each Internship Work Term Course undertaken will be assigned a Pass or Fail grade by a Faculty Committee/Coordinator in the student’s program of study.To receive a Pass grade, the intern must fulfill the requirements of the work term by the deadlines below and meet the requirements agreed upon with the employer. Interns who do not submit the required documents on or before the deadline will receive a Failing grade.

Internship vs. Work Term

Definition of an Internship: Each time you start a job with a new employer, you are starting a new internship (most students complete an internship lasting 4-16 months, although it may be possible for students to participate in internships of shorter duration with different employers). All steps above in green must be completed during every internship position you have with a different employer.

Definition of a Work Term: Each time an academic term (Fall, Winter or Summer) starts, you are starting a new work term (beginning in September, January or May). A student may complete one or more work term(s) with the same employer (e.g. 12 months with one employer would be 3 work terms) or with different employers (e.g. 4 months with one employer and 8 months with a different employer would still be considered 3 work terms). All steps above in blue must be completed for every academic term you are on internship.