FAQ about Applying

Can international students apply to the Internship Program?

Yes, eligible international students can take part in the Internship Program. The Employer & Student Liaison and York International will assist you in obtaining a Co-op Work Permit after you are officially enrolled in the York  Internship Program. Please be aware that some government agencies will only accept internship applications from Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents.

My Internship Program application has been approved. What are my next steps?

Visit the application page for next steps.

What if I'm not eligible for the Internship Program?

York’s Career Centre has a number of programs, services, events and resources to help you build skills and gain experience, including a free job posting board for students and new graduates that offers a range of full-time and part-time positions.

When should I apply to the internship program?

See recommended application timelines on the application page.

Is there a cost to participate in the internship program?

  • Yes, there is a one-time, non-refundable program enrollment fee of $200 that will be applied to your student account upon your enrollment into the Internship Program.
  • There will also be an additional non-refundable cost of $475 per work term once a student secures an internship position and enrolls in the Internship Work Term course.

Can I do an international internship?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources available to support you in the immigration process to work outside of Canada as part of the Internship Program. You may wish to explore the York International Global Internships.

Can I take courses while on internship?

Given the experiential education nature of this program and government recognized structure, interns are not permitted to enroll in courses while on internship without prior written permission from the Internship Program, with the exception of the zero credit internship work term course. The Internship Program monitors enrollment each term and students who fail to comply with this requirement risk de-enrollment from the internship program (without reimbursement of fees), removal from their current internship, and/or ineligibility for subsequent work terms. In addition, there may be implications for employer tax credit eligibility and international student Co-op Work Permits.

Still have questions about the Internship Program?

Please contact the Employer & Student Liaison or drop in during Internship Program drop-in hours.